I know I'm not exactly a kid any more, but I am one of the younger faces in packaging. My goal is to keep everyone updated on market trends, solve as many warehouse problems as I can, and bring an edge to the packaging industry.

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Here you will find several types of posts that will help you in different ways:

Solution Center - Take a look here to see if I have already solved a packaging problem you have. If you don't see the solution you are looking for just email or call me with your packaging problem and I will personally help you solve it.

Industry Updates - Be the first to know about Packaging Industry price changes, new technology, and anything else you will need to be "in the packaging know".

Packaging Innovation - Learn about new packaging advances and fun packaging related creations.

Tips, Tricks, and Facts - If there's something you can do to make your warehouse more efficient or your operations more cost effective, I'll write about it and you can be the hero who implements it.

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In The Warehouse

Here I have videos to show you how different packaging machines work, some tips and tricks you might not know, and what daily life can be like for a Packaging Solution Specialist.